Sunday, February 22, 2009

A variegated Scaphochlamys

Scaphochlamys is a genus of small gingers with most species at West and East Malaysia. Many species are little studied and even new to science. Due to its pretty foliage, this Scaphochlamys biloba is sometimes found in specialists' cultivation. It inhibits very moist and dark forest floor at this peat swamp and is not easy to grow out of its habitat. In a few localities where it was found, there appeared to be this variegated form as well as a plain green form, both bearing the same bloom. The smallish white flower is borned on a stalked bract like the Cucurma except it is of dull drownish colour.


HelenJ said...

I love both the foliage and the beautiful white flower!
Thanks for sharing!

Northern Shade said...

Those long green leaves, with the silvery white margins are very attractive.

Hermes said...

What great posts lately. I love this.

Hort Log said...

These are some of the critters and plants I encounter during my forays into the peat forest. I hope you agree, its a special place.

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