Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Searching for violets

Henckelia puncticulata is found only on steep banks around SE Johore area. Although locally common, globally it is very vulnerable to extinction as its habitat is not protected and subjected to haphazard and ill-planned developments. Where we found it, the plants are forming a vertical carpet covering a steep bank near the river. A bulldozer was noisily doing its damage just across the river as we took photos.
This Asian relative of the African violet does look like its famous cousin, albeit with variegated leaves. I think it should have a place in horticulture.


Claude said...

This plant definitely deserves a place in terrarium culture... I wonder why I've never heard of it before. Really, it's quite charming.

Hermes said...

Hope it survives, it has the most wonderful leaves.

Hort Log said...

Most of the Asian gesneriads are little known.

Yes its very charming indeed.... but what a picky plant...it only chooses a vertical surface to grow !

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