Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A forest pepper

This is the jungle version of our table pepper - Piper porphoryphyllum aff, is a humidity loving plant quite often seen in the Malaysian forest. It may be seen creeping along the undergrowth until it finds a good support from which it continue its growh upwards as shown. It is not an easy plant to grow in a normal garden although it is very ornamental. It will quickly succumb to even short periods of low humidity.


Hermes said...

Wow - wish it was easier to grow, those leaves are really something.

Bidinfaunaflora@blogspot,com said...

Look very similar to Piper pedicellosum.

Bidinfaunaflora@blogspot,com said...

A wild pepper call Piper pedicellosum look very similar. It may be a synonym. Taste exactly like a betel leaves.

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