Monday, February 23, 2009

Bat Lily

Beside a small forest stream, stained dark brown by logging up stream, a solitary Tacca integrfolia (Bat Lily) quietly bloomed.

The family Taccaceae is a small family of about 10 monocots from SE Asia and Africa. Recently, taxonomists lump the group together with the true yam family Dioscoreaceae.

This plant is available commercially as a kind of curio. Its not easy to grow at home since it likes dark damp habitat. Its cousin, T. chantrieri appears to be more accomodating and sets seeds easily too - in fact it self pollinates without external help.


Hermes said...

Wow. I've seen them very occasionally for sale but never in the wild. I love seeing this.

Titania said...

Yes, this bat lily is on my wish list.

blossom said...

Wow ... My oh my (speechless)

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