Friday, May 1, 2009


21 00: Red eyed but still refusing to sleep....maybe because my torch is shining on him.

22 00: Disowned by his parents due to his rugged bad looks, the diffident Amblypygid hides in the cave and only appears at night.

22.30: Scuttering nervously across the floor, the cave cricket reminds himself that he's at the bottom of the food chain.

23 00: A cave racer greeting bats at the cave mouth. We are not welcome.

23 30: A stick insect blows his cover, and laments that he should have opted for longer wings, instead of the other...ahem, organ....

02 30: Living out the fantasy of every women, the female Trilobite beetle stays forever young and will always be seen dating an older looking male.

03 00: Red eyed and ....Oh, its you again !

We cannot sleep. There is a wild noisy party at the Pahang jungle


Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel (Alice Joyce) said...

Thanks for visiting BayAreaTendrils. Very cool post of so scary critters!

Hermes said...

Gardens / Jungles are so different at night. But I think I'll avoid the caves *sudders slightly).

Rowena said...

Incredible, incredible images! You have nerves of steel to be in a cave at night. That trilobite beetle is something else, I know I'd be running away screaming if I came across her!

Hort Log said...

Quite true, if I had been alone I would never go in the cave at night - but there were 3 of us, and I was nearest to the exit... : )

Anyway, the critters are harmless and mostly smallish.

vib.h.u said...

Lovely night captures. What a great place you stay at.. very diverse wilderness.

Hort Log said...

this is in the Malaysian forest / cave - not so near my home.

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