Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The black Hoya

No the title was not wrong - the common name of this giant vine from The Phillippines is indeed black Hoya, which is a misnomer. That's why I usually prefer the latin name, Hoya ciliata, which perhaps refers to the hairy leaves, a trait it shares with many Hoyas from Eriostemma Section. Again this is a shy bloomer for me, although some growers said they are free flowering - perhaps they just do not like the constant high humidity and fairly monotonous weather here. Without flower, I would easily have mistaken it for a H. coronaria or even a "Gold-Star"; so now that it has flowered, I tied labels all along the length of the vine.


Hermes said...

Stunning flower. I wish I had your high humidity for my poor plants.

Claude said...

Well, it's not black, but that dark flower is striking, isn't it? I see your plants and I get jealous of your climate... But I remind myself that everyplace has it's own individual wonders.

Prospero said...

Hi. I posted another Pachypodium picture. This is one of the species I grow in the garden (not a potted plant). I keep my p. rosulatum potted, but think I'd get away with it in the ground. Do you have a big problem with root rot with your succulents that aren't potted?

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