Friday, May 15, 2009

Seeing Medusa

Devil and the Deep blue sea behind me
Vanished in the air your'll never find me
I will turn your face to alabaster
then you'll know your servant is your master.
- Sting -

Bulbophyllum medusae from lowlands of SE Asia. Named after the snake-haired gorgon that turned amorous men to stone.


Prospero said...

I don't have any Orchids, but if I were to start a collection - I would start with something like this. What an intriguing form. Being a lowland orchid, I would probably be able to grow it in Bermuda.

Regarding the ocean views: they are taken from my house. I am at 85 feet above sea level. The north side of the house has a 180 degree raised view of the Great Bermuda Sound.

Hermes said...

What a great picture. I just saw a post on a plant of this genus flowering in Singapore - what an amazing plant.

Hort Log said...

Hmmm ..... Philip, B. medusae is very rare in Singapore, maybe you had seen a B. vaginatum.

Here's one gorgeous pic of the true species I found in the net

Hon E said...

An unusual take of this nice Bulbophyllum !

Hermes said...

You're right of course.

Hort Log said...

Hi Prospero,
your house sounds like a paradise.

I have read about some endemic animal species there but not much about plants. Are there any interesting native / wild plants there ?

Anonymous said...

Very nice close up shot of the flower... didnt realise its such a beauty until i see this.


Claude said...

A great, unusual flower on this plant. Not one I'd ever seen before, thanks for sharing.

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