Saturday, May 9, 2009

NetWork Pepper

Young leaf of an unknown creeping Piper from Borneo. There are many nicely patterned Piper from the forests around this region (for example this Piper porphoryphyllum) but they are generally not easy to grow. This rather succulent creeper is also quite a slow grower.

If you can ID this, please let me know.


leadpb said...

That is a gorgeous species.

Just wanted to add my agreement that many pipers are not easy to grow, a pity. There are some stunning species in Colombia and Ecuador, generally from wet forests.

In my experience they often suffer an anthracnose-like leaf edge "burn" that is a pathogen or maybe boron or phosphorus toxicity, or some combination of two interrelated problems.

Hort Log said...

yes it was the plant grew its intense red veins and dark leaves fade away and now it looks rather plain and greenish....but still very very slow.

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