Friday, May 8, 2009

Its all smoke

Here, we have the oldest rainforest in the world, one which survives the ice age and bears witness to numerous wars man waged with himself ; " a joyous exuberance of life and vigour" as described by Italian adventurer G. B. Cerruti in his 1906 book.
And here, we have progress. Europeans pat themselves on the back for adoption of so called "sustainable energy" early this millenium ; new generators were enginereed to run on this green fuel; palm-oil prices soared and palm plantations and processing factories sprouted all over South East Asia.

Like all stories of progress, the old gave way to the new.

As I sat pondering, the customised 2500cc 4x4 gas-gustler ground to a halt and the driver gestured we have reached destination.

Man, I am sure glad I do not have to make this trip by foot.

1 comment:

islaverde said...

well, lets enjoy these green lungs of mushroom heads (emergents) in the tropical rainforests before they are all gone.

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