Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 °C, Weeks Bay

On a chilly morning that reminded me of more of New York than Gulf Coast Alabama, I decided to take a drive to nearby Weeks Bay to take a look at the bog. I discovered this place just last night having aimlessly driven along Route 98 to check out the coast. It was too dark to see anything then, except for the sign that read "Pitcher Plant Bog".

The thermometer read 1 degree Celcius when I stepped out of the car.
The planks on the boardwalk was covered by glistening ice crystals and was really slippery. The bog was on both sides of the boardway but the recent cold spell had damaged most of the pitcher plants. We did manage to get a glimpse of a couple of the nice White-topped Pitcher plant, Saccacenia leucophylla. I believe this place will be magical in late spring or summer.
Bog habitat.

Fog rising from Fish River.


Hermes said...

Its that sort of temp over here in the UK but wouldn't expect it there. Love the picture of the mist. Keep warm.

I likE plants! said...

Great shot of the pitcher plants. The cold doesn't kill them?

Hort Log said...

It killed most of them actually....which is a pity. The weather is freakish this year.

Alison in Bama said...

I am only just now seeing this! I have been to this place many times as I live in this state. Small world.
Wish I could have met you.

Hort Log said...

Hi Alison, will contact you when i drop over. Are you a pitcher plant grower?

Alison in Bama said...


Right now I only have nepenthes and some nepenthes seeds to start.

Tons of hoyas, epiphytic ferns, achimenes, a few adeniums, cycads, and palms. Haven't had room for pitchers for a few years although they are abundantly available at some good family nurseries here.

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