Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Copper Cheek

A copper-cheeked frog, Rana chalconata hiding behind leaves of a shrub during the day. This is a nocturnal forest frog and I had just woken it from slumber. It is a native of SE. Asia, from Thailand down to Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawaei.

Hey, 2008, or what's left of it, is the year of the frog, ....more here. Climate change, polluted waters and fungal infection has condemned many species of amphibians to the verge of extinction.


Linda Lunda said...

Soooo sweet!
Marry Cristmas to you!

Hermes said...

So beautiful, but looks a bit fed up that you woke him (lol). Hope you have a great 2009 and the world develops more sense.

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