Thursday, November 27, 2008

Armada in the puddle

A fleet of tadpoles, likley of a toad, lining up in their little ocean - a muddy puddle beside the forest track.

Its the monsoon season again, and puddles are everywhere !


Hermes said...

What a great picture. Not sure I would even have noticed them.

I likE plants! said...

They look alien!

Titania said...

I think they look very beautiful like a silver ornament. I would not have recognized them as tadpoles.

Hort Log said...

Hi all,

Thanks for dropping by again and have a happy new year !

Hort Log said...

I think I got an ID, likely that of Dark sided chorous frog, Microhyla heymonsi, which are tiny (1cm) and has 2 shimmering spots at the head.

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