Saturday, December 20, 2008


A pecan plantation at Alabama. Carya illinoinensis, or Pecan is a large deciduous tree from southern part of North America which produce an edible nut that looked like an elongated rubber seed (has same pattern too). We could still find quite a bit of fresh nuts on the ground below one of the trees,which I cracked with a firm stomp and picked the meat out. Finding that the fresh meat tasted sweeter and more flavourful than those in the market, we returned to collect more .... until we were eventually chased away by the owner !


Titania said...

The pecan trees look good any time of year with the bonus nuts. We have two in the garden. The bigger one bears lots of nuts but we always have to fight for them because the yellow crested cockatoos destroy everything even the green ones. We wouldn't mind sharing with them the ripe ones but they ignore us. In a very short time they destroy the whole crop. We have tried certain devices but they are very clever birds and uncover our tricks quickly. They even place a sentry to tell when we approach.
I wish you a very happy Christmas.

Stuart said...

Gorgeous photo - felt like I was walking through the same plantation. Shame you got chased away, those pecans would have been delicious.

Hermes said...

I'm sure I had Pecan soup when I travelled in the States - rather tasty if I remember.

Sue said...

I found your blog through your comment on another blog. I like to find blogs from all over the world, but when I first started scrolling down, I had to check to see if I'd read Asia correctly, as the pics looked like they may have been taken in the U.S.

Thanks for putting these up, and I like your plants, too.

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