Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Memory of Nepenthes tentaculata in the wild

Last year, we found this species of pitcher plant with long hairs growing amongst spagnum moss at about 1000m asl within a National Park in Borneo. Everyone took turns to take photos with the plant as if it was a celebrity. It was rather plain Jane but to see it sitting snuggly amongst the moss in such numbers was quite exhilarating, especially after the long trek.

Despite its plain appearance and ready availability in tissue cultured sources, I was just told that commercial collectors had wiped out the local population in our not-so-secret locality. This ill-concieved undertaking could not have been very profitable but it certainly robbed the latecomers a chance to experience the wonderment that we felt.

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Hermes said...

Lovely picture but what a sad ending and all for so little. I want to believe people are good, but things like this make you wonder.

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