Friday, April 4, 2008

Ficus deltoidea

The leaf of a mistle-toe fig, a smallish fig that could be terrestrial, epiphytic, lithophytic or even possibly rheophytic in the wild - I have seen specimens growing on rocks beside streams with the roots dipping into the water ; if the water rises during monsoon, it would no doubt be submerged, at least partially.

This decorative fig is widespread in Malesia and often cultivated for its beauty and medical properties. The plant is known as Mas Cotek in Malaysia and is reputed to be a good aphrodisiac. Supposedly, Orang Asli also used this to treat goutand high blood pressure. Satchets of its tea are sometimes available in Malay Jamu stalls.


Hermes said...

Picture seems to be missing. Fascinating species, there is a detailed chemical analysis @

Dan said...

Nicely taken pics of a common plant.

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