Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hoya nicholsoniae from Australasia

One of the earliest Hoyas I grow, having acquired it from a nursery in Cairns more than 12 years ago. It is naturally occuring in Northern Queensland, Australia and New Guinea. According to D.J. Liddle and P.I. Forster (1992), H. pottsii, H. hellwigiana and H. sogerensis are conspecific.
The spicy scented flowers occur around Dec-Apr, its smell being most intense in the evening. The vine, with its pinkish veined leaves, is calmly attractive even when not flowering, although if given the right condition, that is, hot and humid jungle-like atmosphere, it will run riot in the garden, which can be untidy.

Now, to catch my late flight ......


Hermes said...

That is a beauty - and scented as well.

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Its Beautiful, I love it

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