Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mojave winter

Not far from the flare and glare of Vegas
Where the greed-is-good do-gooders get hard done by
A yucca stands like an exorcist on moral high ground
Hyperventillating its expatriation of doom
As the valley is subsumed in shadows and gloom

And the muted Cholla prick your conscience.

Not far from the waste and haste of Vegas
Where flies minesweep for buffet morsels like paparazzi
A hermit hiccuped a haiku
And hot-linked himself to Honey Stars
Lusting for Hazel, the nut
Who does not live here anymore.


Hermes said...

Ah - on your travels again. Great photos. My son was there a few years ago and loved it, but I think a bit glitzy for me.

Bookish said...

Beautiful! I once lived near a desert like the Mojave and seeing these photos brought back so many sweet memories.
Thank you!

Hort Log said...

Hi Mr Brown, so good to see you back once more.

Hort Log said...

Hi Bookish, I love the deserts if they are still wild and undeveloped and I was surprise to see this near Vegas.

r l n ! said...

i read all the comments for this blog entry...and they missed out on the best part... your poetic rendering of the scenery!!! Not only do you have the "eye", you've got the gift of prose.

i'm impressed and ahhh'd :D
i immensely enjoyed your poetic flair.

Hort Log said...

Hi Rin,
I am glad you enjoyed it.

Its a little experimental tinkering but I know I am a not wordsmith, still.... good for a laugh.

hackaday said...

Nice photos. Greetings from Greece. If you want check out my blog:

Amigo kit said...

Looks like a good place for reflections

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