Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The ephemeral fragrance of Pteroceras pallidum

一天就調謝的小蘭花﹐ 不奢留芳百世﹐ 無悔地绽芬吐芳。。。。
There is little mention of the fragrance of this little native plant with leaves hardly 8cm in length. Hence, I was totally taken aback when I realised that the partially fruity vanilla-like aroma tickling my senses came from this solitary flower. It reminded me of Phalenopsis bellina but is more citrus-like. Despite its small size, it sure doesn't stinge when it comes to attracting its pollinators .... perhaps there isn't much time - with the flower lasting only a day.


Hermes said...

Never heard of it, but I love that little flower.

Orchis Q said...

I have a few of this orchid and they always put a smile on my face when they bloom.

r l n ! said...

It's iridescent petals are beautiful! Are they like that in actuality, or did your camera light bring out the highlights?

Hort Log said...

Wow, Orchis Q, this is not commonly cultivated as far as I know - not that its rare or anything, its just not very spectacular for most people.

Many flowers are actually iridescent at certain angle when observed at closeups.

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