Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bulbophyllum sumatranum Garay 1996

Bulbophyllum lobbii is a widely distributed taxon from the very horticulturally interesting section Sestochilus which has many large flowering species. Its found throughout SE Asia and New Guinea and due to this wide geographical range, many forms exist.

In 1996, Dr Leslie Garay and other experts published this new species from Sumatra - Bulbophyllum sumatranum, which many scholars from a different camp considered to be simply a variation of Bulbophyllum lobbii (var. breviflorum to be exact) described some 88 years earlier. Personally. I think it just looked like a smaller version of lobbii with very red lateral sepals.

You can compare this with B. claptonense - another delectable, if debatable, species and make your own conclusion.

Ref: Garay et al, Lindleyana 11: 230 (1996)


r l n ! said...

i don't get excited over the horticulture lingo, but i sure get glad over your photos! How do you get your black background so that your flowers pop out of the page?

Hon E said...

Nice specimen !

Kanak7 said...

Wonderful image!

Thank you for stopping by and telling me about the blue-throated barbet. I might have the 'corrected version' in my Wordpress blog.

All the best for 2010....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Mokka said...

beautiful photos

The Style Mansion said...

Very beautiful

Steve Kang said...


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Hort Log said...

Anyone game to try?

Boomka said...

What a tremendous specimen. I love that flower it is so exotic and reminds me kind of a starfish. Granted I obviously know nothing of plants if I am comparing a flower to a starfish but I just love the way it reaches, stretching out of itself, bending for more... Beautiful.

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