Monday, January 26, 2009

Bulbophyllum claptonense Rolfe 1905

The beautiful and widespread orchid Bulbophyllum lobbii has many varieties which some taxonomists have historically named as distinct species. This is one of them - a form from Sabah, which has a very intense orange colour.

I think this flower is just right to herald the new Lunar Year.

To all who celebrate Chinese New Year:


Hermes said...

What a beautiful photograph - and Happy New Year to you and your family.

I likE plants! said...

That is beautiful! My Bulbophyllom longiflorum is blooming right now, too!

Hort Log said...

Thanks Mr Brown.

Hope to see your pics soon, Eric.

Hon E said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to U !!!

Albert Huntington said...

So, I've read this post about four times now ( checking to see if there's anything new... ), and every single time I see "claptonense", I begin to speculate about how it was named after Eric Clapton, and then I see that it was described in 1905, so that could not have been the case ... so eventually I went and looked it up.

Bulbophyllum claptonense was originally displayed by Hugh Low & Co., and originally thought to be a color variety of B. lobbii - thus claptonense was originally a horticultural variety designation ... not a species name. And guess where Hugh Low (Sr.) established his nursery? That's right: Clapton, about 8 miles from the center of London, England.

Hort Log said...

Hi ALbert,
nice of you to drop in....thanks for sharing that little botanic history.

HelenJ said...

The flower is just gorgeous!
I made a post about orchids the other day, and there was a Bulbophyllum rufinum. But B. clpatonense is really something else!

Hort Log said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for visiting. I had a look at the Bulbophyllum photo you had and think it was mislabelled.... left a comment at your blog already. Cheers !

Ah Meng said...

Magnifico !

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