Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another unknown Begonia from Sarawak

Growing on a steep slope at the edge of a black pepper plantation. Any ID suggestions welcome.


Hermes said...

No idea what it is, but I want one. So many great plants so little space!

Dennis ll said...

Hi LS,
Thanks for your message. This is indeed a pretty plant.

I do not see too much Begonias in Irian, but orchids are plentiful. I have sent you a few jpegs, maybe you can help me to identify.


Anonymous said...

Hort log...i think u better refer to the book's written by Dr ruth kiew on Begonia of peninsular malaysia..published by Borneo publication..abubakarflora

Hort Log said...

That book covers Peninsula M'sia only.

Ruth Kiew has several publications on Sarawak Begonias but I cannot find one matching this plant. Maybe its a juvenile pattern of something more common ....

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