Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lipstick from Borneo

An unusual lipstick vine from Borneo, looks a bit like Aeschynanthus obconicus due to its widely flaring calyx but the leaves are decidedly smaller. This is a slow grower, unlike those A. javanicus type which swamp the whole area.

ID Suggestions welcome !


kompoStella said...

oh, wauw, that one is beautiful! and kind of vulgar :-D
i have your pelargonium species post up now. i don't have any of the seeds that i'm suggesting in it - i have very few generally. but in november i'll be visiting someone who might... should i ask for you?

Hermes said...

This was new to me. Found this lovely old drawing of it:

You find such fascinating plants. Love investigating them.

Titania said...

What a great photo, the whole flower is glistening. I know some Aeschinantus. At the moment I have lost them all.Probably the more common ones are available here. Thank you for the tip about D.Liddle. I grow a few Hoyas, scrambling up trees. I like Hoya potsii scrambling through a small bottlebrush. Thank you for showing all this interesting, exotic plants. I am still looking for the seed. I am not going north for a while. When I am, I will certainly ask and look around for the elusive seed of this plant, you are looking for.

Hort Log said...

Vulgar ? hmmm....where have your mind wander....? Yes pls ask seeds for me if they are not too exorbitant.

Hort Log said...

Oh hi again Trudi and Philip.

I have plenty of Aeschynanthus setting seeds all over the place...the common species, A. javanica or something. Anyone keen ?

It needs a tropical environment and the "cups" need to be filled with water for the flowers to bloom successfully...a challenge for home gardener but easy if u have a wet tropical greenhouse.

email me if u r keen

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