Friday, October 24, 2008

Its called a heart

A brooding old tree in SBG was heavily festooned with epiphytes. Multiple strands of Dischidia nummularioides, a dimunitive relative of the Hoya common around this garden city, draped the trunk and dangled from the spreading branches.

One of them decided to tie the knot.

Later in the evening, I had dinner with a friend, who revealed he recently proposed to a Korean girl fifteen years younger than him.


Hermes said...

What a lovely photograph and story.

titania said...

Very unique and pretty.

kompoStella said...


r l n ! said...

i have a thing with's how the SPIRIT lets me know that i'm loved. Sometimes i see hearts out of blobs of paint, 2 pieces of rice together to form a heart, a heart-shaped cilantro in my soup --or out in your heart in the vine.

You have a good eye, not only in photography, but in seeing what others might have missed. Was this heart way up in the vine or in plain sight?

Hort Log said...

its pretty clear in my field of vision....a chanced entanglement amongst the dense dangling strings of vine about 2 metres or so above ground.

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