Monday, October 27, 2008

Huntleya wallisii

This is a tropical New world orchid related to Zygopetalums. It is a mid-size epiphyte with overlapping fan-shaped leaves designed to trap leaf debris for nourishment. This plant is not commonly grown here and to see the large waxy and gaudy bloom in Singapore is certainly a surprise. The flower last for more than 1 week and easily 2 weeks - unfortunately parent plants may weaken and die after blooming but it may send out a younger plant if it feels like it.


Titania said...

...and one is very nice to it! I have some Zygopetalums growing but mostly in the mauve watery colours. Which I like. This red one is very showy.

brandank said...

Your orchid posts are incredible. I love the little flower orchids the best and some of the ones you have posted on truly spectacular. Keep up the good work LS!

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