Monday, March 10, 2008

a Trapped civet

A wily civet was trapped in a cage.
Someone left the door opened for four hours.
Where would one look for the escaped beast ?
This question has been plaguing the population of four million for more than a week now. And they in turn, are now trapped, less so by the traffic jams than the nagging insecurity of a retaliation.

This small toothed palm civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata) was imprisoned in a Bidayuh village in Sarawak, where it is considered a delicacy. Fortunately, its owner told us she was going to keep it as pet. For now.


Hort Log said...

Having just seen the animal in a more natural setting at the Night Safari, I must say it is a very agile arboreal member of the civet family, quite unlike the more clumsy looking Malaysan Civet which has feet firmly on the ground.

Anonymous said...

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