Monday, March 3, 2008

Ready to drop

Dow dropped 300 on Friday. That's ominous.

Fruits maturing on the hanging spadix of the Swamp Taro Cyrtosperma merkusii, will eventually drop into the forest stream where it will be carried away from the mother plant. In the Singapore and Malaysia form, wild plants of this species are restricted to shady blackwater swamps. There are more robust domesticated forms grown for food in some Polynesia islands.

Central Catchment, Singapore.


weef said...

Thanks for the great pictures and short write-ups so far! One of my favourite leisure reads after a long day of school.

Hort Log said...

thanks for your kind comments ! Introduce to your friends who like tis type of things la, I could do with more visits....cheers !

Michael said...

gidday , long time no see .. I have a blog on aussie aroid growers

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