Friday, March 14, 2008

Mass flowering of Dendrobium keithii

This Thai orchid, which had not bloomed for a few years, is suddenly peppered with yellow flowers jutting out everywhere along the length of the leaves - an extreme response to days of downpour after 3 weeks for rainless sunny days.


oenanthe said...

This species from Thailand is Dendrobium indivisum, I persume.


Hort Log said...

Hi Peter,
D. indivisum is from same Section Aporum but flowers are totally different - being bourne at leaf tip as a long, sequential flowering inflorescence. The white to pink flowers are much smaller than this also. The vegetative appearance is also very different, being just plain green.

There are many species from the Aporum Section that have similar vegetative appearance viz overlapping leaf sheaths.

RHEEDIA said...

This specie is also very similar to Dendrobium anceps, Do you know the difference between the 2 sps.

Hort Log said...

I am sure Peter O'Byrne wrote something about that, I will have to dig out some literature to get to this.

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