Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Hoyas from Eriostemma Section

Introducing Hoya "Ruthie" (left) and H. affinis !

Ed Guilding created the Ruthie hybrid and passed me a cutting years ago - it turned out to be the most vigorous and floriferous Hoya in my place ! In fact, it flowers so much - I fear for its health ! Hoya affinis is from Soloman Islands in the Pacific. Like most Eriostemma species, its is vigorous but shy flowering and hence can be the most frustrating species to grow.

Eriostemma is a peculiar section in the Hoya family - they have large and plastic-looking bloom and succulent vegetative characteristics. The flower structure is also rather different from normal Hoyas but you have to make a cross section cut to see it.


EpiForums said...

That's a wonderful photo. Ed Guilding created some wonderful hoya cultivars.

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable, very much the helpful information

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