Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The end of the old year .... the economic uncertainty and the political assasination really weighs down....very distant yet it will in someway bite you.

A short-lived gesneriad (of African Violet Family) from the limestone of Vietnam - Chirita caliginosa aff. Members of this tropical Microchirita Section appear to be omnipresent in limestones of the mainland - having seen them in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Simoniac said...


Your pictures of the native flora in Sarawak is fabulous.
I wonder if its possible to find some Dossinia sp. from the available nurseries and get them back to the peninsula..

Hort Log said...

I think its already available - are you from Singapore or Malaysia ? Leave me yr email privately and will send you some names.

Hort Log said...

Many private collectors here have this for exchange. If you want to part with your $$ - try these:

For flasks, try the Australian Burleigh Park

For plants, try Auyong's nursery (maybe documentation easier for you).
Orchids Wood
Tel: 082-240690
173, 2 and a half mile Rock Road,
93200 Kuching

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