Monday, January 21, 2008


The beauty of imperfectionTwo figs from the same mother tree. One rotten and the other still green...

....the rotten one harbours a tenant....

The tenant is also flawed, having lost one of its antennae ....

Fruiting season for figs always attract a lot of animals - as any experience birdwatcher can attest. Frugivorous birds (1) like pink-necked pigeons, starlings, black-napped orioles, koels, hornbills, fairy bluebirds and mammals like plantain squirrels, tree shrew, long tailed macaques, bats and all kinds of insects gather here for a feast. So do hunters, like snakes, including pythons.

During a noon walk near Catchment area beside expressway, many Fig trees were just starting to fruit abundantly. This particular tree was not very "fruitful" - producing very few figs.

Any idea what critter is this ? A tiny cricket ?

(1) Peh et al, Ornithol. Sci. 2: 119–125 (2003)

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