Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spelaeanthus chinii

This is the only species in the genus - found on limestone slopes in peninsula Malaysia. It appears to have a rather limited distribution and hence vulnerble to any habitat disturbances. It has filmsy hairy leaves and has white widely opening flowers borned on a branched panicle.
I found this plant perched on a damp dark limestone wall in Pahang. This appears to be too dark for most competing plants.

Not far from it is a carpet of the curious giant one-leaf Gesneriad, Monophyllea horsfieldii.


Hermes said...

Looks the same to me:

Hort Log said...

haha - indeed, that's my post

Hermes said...

oops - well fame at last!

weight loss by hypnosis said...

I just love the sparkles that I'm seeing on those plants and on your photo!

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