Friday, September 30, 2011

Begonia foxworthyi

I found this rather plain looking plant clinging on steep limestone faces at Pahang, Peninsula Malaysia. The male flowers have 2 white tepals while the female flowers have pinkish placenta. The closest match I can think of is Begonia foxworthyi.
Unlike many Begonias, the variation in leaf appearance for this plant is minimal - I have yet to see a variegated form, even on young plants, which would be more horticulturally pleasing.

Begonia foxworthyi is an endemic species found in central to North-eastern part of Peninsula Malaysia. It is not a well known plant due to its plain apperance and finicky habit. It is said to be found on limestone as well as granite slopes.


Hermes said...

Ruth Kiew's book mentions it but compared to the other Begonia's - as you say rather plain.

Nat said...

Nice find, great shot of it hanging off that cliff. Fascinating.

Hort Log said...

What a surprise, you have that book too ? Its rather academic but I like it.

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