Monday, July 11, 2011

Reticulated Bulbophyllum

While coming down from a limestone hill in Sarawak, we stumbled on an interesting orchid on the dryish forest floor .....

This orchid has a very distinctive network marks on the leaves and not surprising, is known by its latin name Bulbophyllum reticulatum.

I have a very free-flowering specimen growing on a fern bark for many years but never once had I suspect it could actually be a ground dweller.
The cluster of flowers somehow remind me of a nestling of small birds - the hinged lips are highly mobile and will rock to and fro with slightest movement.


Hermes said...

Knew I'd seen it before as I loved the lvs. Occasionally comes up for sales in the States.

Atisha said...

By jove.....u really put the fear of god in anyone who visits ur blog vis-a-vis copyright. Of course, looking at the wonderful pictures...kind of understand!!!

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