Thursday, July 21, 2011

Highland Scrub habitat

A walk at Ulu Kali, 1500m asl .....

Misty morning with slope of full of Medinillas
.... perhaps Medinilla speciosa but cannot really confirm

....the highland tree fern Cyathea contaminans

.... a fig tree with trunk covered by orange lichen....
.... the beard lichen Usnea sp

....Lichen colonies side by side ...

.... at the exposed ridge, an unknown creeper

....flowering Oberonia ancepes, a common orchid with interesting foliage

.... flowers of the bamboo orchid here are almost double the size of those in lowland

a stand of terrestrial Bamboo orchid Arudina graminifolia at disturbed open ground with resam

....another ground orchid - the bright yellow Spathoglottis aurea only grows in the highland. At the lowland, it is replaced by lilac coloured S. plicata.

....this plant is very ornamental with nice widely opening flowers.


Hermes said...

Brilliant photographs - thanks.

antigonum cajan said...

I have not visited in a while. As usual the information and photos, unique, in this world with too many blogs about the same.

Congratulations and thanks for the visit.

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