Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hoya campanulata lookalikes part2

In this follow up post I will focus on the Hoya campanulata complex. An in-situ photo of the plant is shown above; the vine scrambling on rocks, tree trunks and even on the ground of the forested banks of a jungle stream . Beyond twenty metres or so from the stream, it is nowhere to be found - hence one can deduce that it requires very high humidity.

From my conversation with taxonomists and growers, H. campanulata is quite variable in terms of the colour, size and curvature of the bloom. However, this is not in agreement with David Liddle, who had generously shared with me his knowledge until he unexpectedly passed away. Accordingly to him, there is a smaller form known as H. cysthiantha aff (for affiliate)and another form known as the true campanulata.

By the way, the suffix aff was appended because it was believed that the name Hoya cysthiantha was not validly published. However weeks ago Miss Christine Burton told me that Kew had accepted its validity after all.

As you can see from below, these 2 forms are quite different in terms of size, shape and even colour. The yellowish form at the lower picture is believed to be the real H. campanulata while the white one is believed to be H. cysthiantha aff.
Attached below is the closeup of the corona. The yellowish flower on the left clearly showed a more slender and curved corona.
I shall leave it to the taxonomists to argue over this subject - but for me, they are clearly distinct irregardless of their latin names.

For those who does not care much about all this mumbo jumbo, here are a couple of portraits of the attractive flowers. And did I say they smell like lemon too ?

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Rohrerbot said...

Amazing plant. I've never heard of this one before. Thanks for sharing the pics and info. The botanists are always changing things around..yesterday at a plant lecture, there was another discussion going on about the classification of a certain eyes start to glaze over. I'm just a gardener and not a scientist...I know what grows, what doesn't, and what the plant looks like. However, I am glad there are people out there who remind me to label correctly. That's the best part about blogging...we're all in this together.

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