Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gift from the fallen

Years ago a fallen tree branch from the forest yielded a big rotting clump of orchid on the ground from which I made a cutting and nursed it back to health. Since its full recovery , the Coelogyne pandurata had been rewarding me with this bloom year after year.

This is a large orchid from SE Asia and is often called "Black Orchid" by some due to the fierce looking dark markings on its lips. Although some vendors tried to pull a fast one by touting it to be rare its is actually quite common in lowland forests although it may not always be free flowering.


Titania said...

Certainly a beautiful gift.

Hermes said...

What a fantastic beauty.

islaverde said...

nice.. another biggie is Coelogyne asperata. Always BIG and occupying space and mostly nonflowering.

Hort Log said...

This one quite free flowering for a wild species - once a year is already quite satisfying for me.

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