Thursday, May 6, 2010

Variations of Begonia bataiensis

Mr Truong Quang Tam's kind contribution showing this Begonias' variation in the wild is an eye opener for me. He is the discoverer of this species which was subsequently named in a joint publication with Ruth Kiew and JJ Vermeulen (the orchid expert). If anything, it demonstrates the need to protect species in the wild to preserve the biodiversity - all too often, the horticulture trade results in unnaturally bias selection.

This fascinating Vietnamese Begonia described very recently in 2005, is restricted to the limestone hill called Ba Tai mountain. A closeup of the leaf was posted previously.

Ref: Gard. Bull. Singapore 57:119–23.


Hermes said...

This is exactly why we need to retain such habitats, though a careful cultivation programme would help preserve it as well.

Titania said...

Most beautiful in their own environment. Unfortunately so many plants are lost. The crime of felling whole rainforest area goes on and on,
animals, birds,insects, plants, suffer and are mostly lost for ever.
The big greedy bunch out there says:"
Who cares!"

Hort Log said...

Its true in this part of the world, for plants its usually habitat destruction that dooms them ....poaching sometimes play a part, although in most cases like this Begonia, there is limited commercial incentive to collect.

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