Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ah Kow's Cyrtandra

A 1819 water colour painting by a Chinese painter named Ah Kow, literally meaning dog. Many painters comissioned by the British to make plant illustrations remained anonymous and they rarely signed their names in the work.
It is believed that this plant is Cyrtandra pendula, a common Gesneriad from Malaysia. In the forest of Pahang, at the base of a tall rock face, there was a patch of muddy area where we found big localised clumps of this plant growing in deep shade. Some of them are in flowers, which are bigger than typical Cyrtandra blooms and quite sturdy looking. The leaves of some of them are variegated so they are pretty ornamental. This plant is widespread throughout West Malaysia and has even been recorded in Singapore.


Hermes said...

I do so enjoy your posts. Wish I could grow this beauty.

Hort Log said...

Mr Brown, thanks once again for visiting.

This plant, like many forest herbs especially gesneriads, need quite high humidity. If you have a terrarium or one of those Wardian cases you had featured, it should be worth a try. Let me know if youa re keen.

Hermes said...

Thanks for the kind offer. I don't think I have the room at the moment but will definately bear it in mind.

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