Friday, September 18, 2009

The cryptic Hoya caudata

This Hoya has thin wiry stem and tough leaf that looks like its lichen covered. It is a native of Thailand and Malaysia (east and west) and perhaps Kalimantan as well. The mesophyll of the leaf are arranged so that the tissue are densely cross-linked, so the leaves are actually quite tough and resistant to tearing.
A specimen in the wild - as we climbed up a steep limestone slope, we saw one perfectly camouflaged plant scrambling along the mottled rocks.
The corolla of the flower is hairy and there is a long protruding anther appendages. This plant likes to climb on a pole and may rot if pot bound. It is a slow grower and definetely a good plant for people who does not like to mess around with vigorous vines running amok in the nursery. A related but much smaller species is H. flagelata which has similar but smaller speckled leaves and a very different flower.


Hermes said...

Thought I'd seen this before, Asiatica sell them, though I've never tried it myself.

KYFoong said...

Super photography! I love to see this H Caudata in the wild. I love the blooms. Beautiful!

Hort Log said...

This species is not common in the wild - the photo was taken after scrambling up a near vertical limestone cliff in Sarawak ....pretty heart stopping

I likE plants! said...

Wow, that's a real beauty!!

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