Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Begonia from Vietnam

This is a deciduous cane Begonia from Vietnam, most likely of limestone origin. Once again, I have no names, but the unique colouration of the female flowers should be a clue, I think. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


Hermes said...

I thought I'd found it but no it isn't this one.

But they might help ?
Lovely whatever its name.

Claude said...

Is this what's called an Angelwing begonia in the trade? The leaves are identical, as are the blooms. If so, the standard of that can get up to six feet tall, even though there are much smaller cultivars being marketed now.

Hort Log said...

Yes Angelwing is an arbitrary name for a group of shrubby Begonias many of them being hybrids from S. American parents eg Begonia coccinea.

This one is a wild species, and no doubt will be placed as an Angelwing as well. I am hoping to pin down the species name.

Titania said...

It is pretty with its soft pink flowers. I have some in my garden but I am lost when it comes to the name of this one. Here they are generally called "Angelwing".

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