Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Hoya of many names

A very common Hoya in Singapore sometimes seen smothering the trunks of trees in open areas. Also very widespread too - from S. India all through IndoChina, Malaysia and Borneo.  It has been given numerous names some by scholars and some by nursery men Hoya parasitica, acuta, ridleyii, rigida. But most seem to convene on Hoya verticiliata nowadays.

Flowers may have a green tinge to pink and the leaves may be plain or spotted. The bloom is waxy and attractive and extremely fragrant at certain times of the day. It is an easy plant for most growers, the only problem being its excessively messy growth habit which I still do not know how to tame.

This plant root easily from cuttings and need bright light to bring to bloom, even full sun as long as the root balls are protected. It can tolerate some degree of dryness which is why it is rather common at roadsides of Singapore.

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