Sunday, March 1, 2015

Things that go bumped in the jungle night ....

Shriveled and holey;  everything has an expiry date .... this one way passed ....

....and this rather prematurely .... overpowered by fungus. Yes, it used to be a living creature although it does not look like it - we will see a living specimen soon ....

....the translucent long-legged beasty on a high wire

.... a predator no less, despite its 3cm frame

... a burly bouncer sprang from its subterranean lair. This one really looked the part ....

This a a real find, believed to be the Singapore Bent-toe gecko Cyrtodactylus majulah first described in 2012. 

A small Phasmid.
The jungle cousin of our domestic pest.

The nymph of the Flatidae plant hopper - a live one this time.

A colony of the quivering nymphs.

The curious bloom of Pterisanthes - a grape relative.
 ......  now to bed, and sweet dreams

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