Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amorphophallus from Samar - unidentified

A few months before Typhoon Haiyan devasted Samar Island in the Phillippines, we discovered this solitary Amorphophallus growing at a logging trail.

The flower has aged so the bottom (female) and the mid (male) flowers cannot be clearly seen. However, the unusual knobby appendix (that's the sterile flower at the top of the spadix) and the overall colouration of the bloom does not seem to resemble anything known yet. I would not be surprise if its a species nova since this part of the world is still little explored.


Claude said...

Amorphophallus is a fascinating genus. Some of them are winter hardy here... but they're so pricey I've never worked up the nerve. This is a beauty tho.

Hort Log said...

Hey, I have a few bulbs if it interest you - not this one though, the more commmon ones.

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