Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some bulbous Aroids in limestone areas of S Thailand

The countryside of Southern Thailand is peppered with limestone karsts like these. These fast draining and seasonal (wet/dry) habitat harbours many bulbous plants, especially aroids, many of which are dormant some time of the year.

This is a Typhonium, a smallish herb frequently used in traditional medicine. This species has very small pointy inflorescence at the bottom left of the picture.

A Pseudodrancontium growing on pockets of humus at the base of the hill.

It has been subsumed into genus Amorphophallus but the vegetative appearance is quite distinct.
As it was the rainy season, Amorphophallus excentricus were flowering in many places. This couple was beside a stream, by the side of a tall mountain.

This one was found at the foot of the limestone hill.

....and this one at the side of a cliff.

Carrion beetles at the spadix.

An unidentified Amorphophallus at the foot of the limestone hill.

This looked like a Amorphophallus haematospadix growing at the same place as the previous species.

According to Peter Boyce, this drab looking plant is a yet to be named Alocasia. It had been known from Surat Thani for some time but was not name since the flowers had never been observed. I have also seen them in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Krabi.


Juanjo Trujillo said...

Awesome, thanks for your wonderful photos

Bob Love said...

Your blog always inspires me...Great travels you have!

Anonymous said...

So Thailand this time, next trip call me
Horn E

Titania said...

So exciting and wonderful to find and observe the plants in the wild. You must have in your garden many rare species, not seen anywhere else. Always interesting to come and see the wonders of nature. T♥

Hort Log said...

Thanks all for your comments.
Trudi, I only have a small plot, nothing like yours.

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