Sunday, November 27, 2011


My cameras ran out of batteries as I left the orchid show, leaving me with just my handphone to make a snapshot inside one of the 2 chilled Flower Domes at the Garden-By-The-Bay project. It turned out quite decent, showing the giant ferris wheel and skyscrapers at the backdrop.
Out at the garden, I rubbed my eyes and looked twice to confirm that one of the super trees was indeed laden with Tillandsia xerographical. I do hope this form is more tolerant of the monsoon here ....
This is the zoom-out view of the project, evidently still a work-in-progress but there's enough stuff to visualise the fab-out product.


Hermes said...

Never heard of it before - fantastic.

Titania said...

I wished I was there! I love the Tillandsias; on the trees they are quite safe even in the rainy season!
I do like the backdrop from the orchid house which you took with your phone.

Hort Log said...

Hi Trudi,

Nice to hear from you again. The project is scheduled to complete by mid of next year - its not too far from you, come take a look !

Nat said...

Holy, wow! What a large greenhouse. That must have been so neat. I'm blown away.

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