Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long Live Liverwort !

Hooray ! Hooray !
The BPL starts today
I will root for Liverpool
You can shoot a rioter or two
Hooray ! Hooray !

A series of pictures of this most primitive of plants ..... in fact probably the grand daddy of most land plants (excluding algae, which is not a true plant).

...beside a waterfall
.... at a highland mossy forest ....
....perhaps a millipede weed, Bazzania sp....
....cultivated on a rockscape in China ....
Gametophytes of Marchantia.

This marks the beginning of the English football season with a revamp team - YNWA !!

1 comment:

Hermes said...

Don't know anything about football or rioters but Liverwort is a fascinating thing.

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