Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spathicarpa hastifolia

The Drosophila are having a splashing good time fooling around on the spathe....or spadix of this aroid. In this South American plant, the spathe and spadix are fused - so it appears that the flowers are borned straight on a leaf.

Actually, the true leaf is more heart shaped - which is how it got its latin name.

There are a handful of species of Spathicarpa confined to sub-tropical/tropical S. America and all have the a habit of going seasonally dormant. This species is related to the more commonly cultivated caterpillar plant Spathicarpa sagittifolia.


Hermes said...

New to me. Terrific photos.

Titania said...

Such an unusually beautiful specie. Caterpillar plant sounds right to me.
I am glad you show all these wonderful plants which are still around for the "moment"!
I also think about what is going to happen to the world, plants and animals. When I look around at the supermarkets and all the rubbish they sell included all the chemical products to clean to wash and it all pollutes air and water. Instead of curbing the growth of the population they try to grow more food. Which is getting worse by the day. Have you seen the story of stuff?

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