Friday, September 10, 2010

Juvenile crawler

Juvenile Scindapsus pictus starts life as a variegated vine scrambling in the dark forest floor. Once it find a vertical support, it climbs up and slowly transform into a giant leaf form and lose its variegation.

There are 2 species of Scindapsus commonly grown indoors due their tolerance for low light and low humidity. The pothos or money plant, S. aureus comes from New Guinea but is now found growing wild in the tropics. The other, S. pictus, is from SE Asia.
This population is found at Bukit Timah Hill.


islaverde said...

porthos... the money plant, and Epipremnum the (GIANT) money plant.. hard to distinguish when young and creepy

Hermes said...

Those leaf patterns are wonderful.

Hort Log said...

the mature leaves look totally different though....they used to think they are 2 different plants.

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