Sunday, August 29, 2010

Durian Season

Durio zibethinus , or durians if you may, are in the market again. 100 days ago, the tree would have looked like this ....yep, it takes that long from flowering to harvest.

The flowers open only for 1 day and do not self pollinated easily ; animal agents, mostly large bats called flying foxes or the smaller cave bats Eonycteris spelaea are summoned for the cross pollination task. In fact, cave bats are known to fly 100km from the coasts to the durian territories far inland just for this purpose. Rate of this occuring naturally are already low but with the decline of the flying foxes its even lower now.

Here are a couple of interesting info about durian as a crop and its relationship with bats.


rohrerbot said...

This is something I have never heard about....thanks for sharing.

Hermes said...

Same as above but never seen such good photographs. Many thanks.

Rowena... said...

Again, same as 1 and 2 before me, and your pictures are beautiful. No durian fruit in Italy, I'm sad to say, and despite what they opinion about the smell/taste, I'd give it a try anyway.

Hort Log said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Alfred Wallace once said its worth a trip to the far east just to taste this Rowena, wait no more !


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