Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy People

Sometimes things become clearer in monochrome, when one sheds away the hues that distract and detract from one's focus. Emerging from the movie Nights of the Museum 2, which incidentally was not as fresh as the first, I took home a message that might cheer up this jaded path.

A young Ficus with curiously shaped leaves encountered along a very quiet trek in a lowland forest of Malaysia, perhaps an aberrant F. carica ?


Hermes said...

Works really well in monochrome as it emphasizes the leaf shape.

Prospero said...

Looks a little like an Amorphophallus leaf.

While we're on the subject, do you grow Amorphophallus campanulatus?

I have one and it just popped out of the ground a couple of days ago. It's a young plant, but it's surviving my coastal conditions.

Hort Log said...

O yes have a few forms of this one, campanulatus is synonymous with paenifolius. It will grow taller than a man !

Titania said...

I just want to tell you about a website who sells many different Amorphophallus seed and plants. I am not sure if they have what you are looking for. Anyway here is the web address:

Hort Log said...

Hi Trudi,

Thanks for your lead. He is an old friend of mine.

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